darktable-cli crashes on certain photos

I am using darktable-cli to export an image to png. The command looks like that:

darktable-cli DSC_6164.NEF DSC_6164.NEF.xmp DSC_6164.png --core --conf plugins/imageio/format/png/bpp=16 --conf plugins/imageio/format/png/compression=9

Running this from a terminal, darktable-cli immediatle stops saying ‘Getötet’ (killed). Running from a python script, it says it returns -9.

Running that with the option ‘-d all’ shows tons of messages without anything looking wrong.

This export has been running for years without complaint. Has anything changed?

What can I do to analyse the cause of this crash?

Thank you in advance

Looks like you’re on some kind of Unix or Linux? I’d check the system logs (on “modern” Linux, with the journalctl command). The message – and your python test – means the darktable process received the SIGKILL signal. I think one way that might happen is when the Out Of Memory Killer springs into action :frowning:

Running darktable-cli again, this time as the only appliaction was successful.

You are right, I am using Linux.
Thank you

How large a photo were you processing? What modules? What is your resource size set to?

kofa@eagle:~/darktable$ grep -i resource ~/.config/darktable/darktablerc
resource_default=512 32 128 700
resource_large=700 64 128 900
resource_small=128 16 64 400
resource_unrestricted=16384 1024 128 1024

All those numbers have to be divided by 1024 to give you ratios.
As you can see, mine is set to large, where:

  • the 700 means darktable can take about 70% (700/1024) of the RAM;
  • 64 as the 2nd number tells us that the minimum tiling buffer size is about 6.5% (64/1024) of RAM. According to the manual:

    Note that this setting is largely historic and is no longer of much practical use – you are advised to leave it at its default value.

  • about 13% (128/1024) can be used for the thumbnail cache
  • for OpenCL (my card has 6 GB), about 90% (900/1024) of (6 GB - 400 MB) VRAM may be used (according to nvidia-smi, I currently have 1182 MB in use, so that’s quite at the limit, I could lower the 900 if I ran into problems).

See darktable 4.4 user manual - memory & performance tuning