darktable color management


Hi, question: in darktable, is there any way to choose a screen profile inside darktable “manually”, I mean if no screen profile is known by colord or x atom? Or is darktable totally dependent on x atom or colord? (I am kind of too stupid to configure color management with the help of command line tools.)
I read this in the documentation:

In rare cases you may need to manually select the display profile. This is possible from the softproof and gamut check option dialogs in the darkroom view (see Section, “Soft proof” and Section, “Gamut check”), and the display profile dialog in the lighttable view (see Section 2.1, “Overview”).

But into which folder do I need to put the screen profile so it is recognized by dt and appears in the list? At the moment I am on Windows and I only see system profile, sRGB, AdobeRGB etc.

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Abends, Anna!

What does darktable-cmstest report?

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Let the mouse rest on the icon, and it will tell you where:


surprize! surprize!

darktable-cmstest version 2.6.0
darktable-cmstest version 2.6.0
this executable was built with colord support enabled
darktable itself was built with colord support enabled

couldn’t locate primary CRTC!
CRTC for screen 0 CRTC 0 has no mode or no output, skipping
CRTC for screen 0 CRTC 2 has no mode or no output, skipping

HDMI-1 the X atom and colord returned the same profile
X atom: _ICC_PROFILE (0 bytes)
description: (none)
colord: “(none)”
description: (file not found)

Better check your system setup

  • some monitors lacked a profile
    You may experience inconsistent color rendition between color managed applications


thank you!


One way to solve that dilemma is to
obtain a darktable where colord support is disabled.
Very easy if you compile yourself from -git.
Just set -DUSE_COLORD=Off


ok. but: does color management only work if I activate softproof or gamut check, if no profile is known by xatom or colord (but the right screen profile is chosen in dt)?


I am looking into dispwin at the moment, maybe I will be able to create a startup command/script for XFCE and other DEs without color management


but, another way is are far as I know to force dt to use either xatom or colord (in the dt settings)


Didn’t you say (above) that you were on Windows?


I just mentioned Windows because in that moment in was on Windows. Meanwhile I am on Linux :wink: (I am promiscuous).


Ach, Gnädige!
Which Linux?


In this moment it is MX, regular installation on a pendrive. But I also have Manjaro on another pendrive and several live systems on other drivers (really promiscuous!)

but… I am not quite sure now, are we talking about OSs or what?

I mean… I think it is really difficult to choose and maybe I do not want to choose at all - on the contrary to other things in life where where you only have a choice between very bad and extremely bad
but in the end there must be a choice. c***

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No, Softproof and Gamut check have not much to do with CM of your system/screen. Softproof should give you an idea what your image will look like if printed with a specific printer. Gamut check just shows which colors do not fit into the selected color profile for export (sRGB, AdobeRGB, …)

Yes, because on most Linux distros colormanagemend seems to work. Here on Debian it works.

I don’t think that colord depends on a specific DE. In theorie KDE and Gnome should have it integrated, which means there is a GUI to set profiles.

But dispcalGUI also can set profiles in xatom and colord.


Well, I tried it. It works, but too bad that dt forgets the profile that was chosen in darkroom (gamut check and/or softproof) If the program is closed and restarted.

Color management works perfectly with Gnome and Cinnamon! I was just wondering about other DEs.

If I set a profile with displaycal, the system (e.g. XFCE or KDE) forgets it eventually. I made the experience that it is not really reliable.