Darktable crashes when exporting images

darktable_bt_5EW390.txt (181.7 KB)

I’m on opensuse tumbleweed and since a few weeks I can’t export images. It shows the message “exporting image” for a minute and then it crashes without a message. Log file attached.

On my laptop it works. Rollback of my system didn’t help.

Have you considered raising an issue on github?

To investigate: you could try toggling OpenCL, and also to isolate the problem:

  • can you narrow it down to 1 raw file? If yes, post the file and xmp.
  • does it also happen with default settings? (e.g. after mv .config/darktable/darktablerc darktablerc.backup)

No I couldn’t narrow it down. No file was working. But moving the config file worked.

I will try to issue it on git and upload my log file. Perhaps it is a bug.

Thank you!

So it works with default config values. You could still narrow it down, by restoring half of your config file (say, the top half - darktable will use default values for the rest), see if it crashes. If yes, repeat the halving (top half of the top half); if not, use the other (bottom) half. See if you can narrow it down to a single line.

What happens if you run from the command line? What if you enable debug logging?

The more info you can give the developers, the more effectively they’ll be able to help you.

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