Darktable: Crop and Rotate - Aspect not working properly

I’m running 3.1.0~git1382.cb99cf52f.

I noticed that the aspect ratio selection doesn’t work properly. When I edit a new photo, it doesn’t default to the cameras image aspect ratio. It always defaults to ‘freehand’. Once I select the ratio that I want and save the photo, when I open it again and look at the crop aspect ratio, it shows ‘freehand’ again.
I’m pretty sure this used to work in some earlier version.

Does anyone else notice this?

dt 3.1.0+1394
I can confirm your observation in all aspects. Not sure, when this issue appeared for the first time, I think must have been around version 1250 - 1300 ? But this is only a rough estimation. I’m absolutely sure, that setting and keeping aspect ratio worked as expected before because actually I’m working on digitized color negatives where I have to crop every single image.

Yeah, I’m getting real tired of having to re-select the aspect ratio for each photo. I’m in the midst of processing a backlog of 2000 photos. I hope it is an easy fix.

The fastest and safest way to let the developers know about the issue is a bug report at github https://github.com/darktable-org/darktable/issues (you will have to create an account).

Hi, in version 3.0.2 for macOS the default is “like last time”, ie it remains the one I used the last time. Therefore if I used “Original image”, I find that one.

Edit: Also in Mint19.3 DT v. 3.1.0 git 326.250fafcca it works well,

The issue appeared in dt master, after publishing version 3.0.2, so it is not surprising that you can’t observe it.

Also in Mint19.3 DT v. 3.1.0 git 326.250fafcca it works well,

Thanks for the suggestion. I finally figured out how to get signed in to Github.
I filed it as:

FYI an alternative is to hold shift while cropping. This will retain the existing aspect ratio while in freehand mode. The only limitation is that it always does this with respect to the centre of the image.