[darktable] Crop/zoom to bounding box aspect ratio in the print module

Using darktable, is it possible, directly in the print module, to crop/zoom to fill the whole bounding box?

For example, if I want to print a 3:2 picture on a A4 paper (297:210 ratio), I have vertical margins on both side:

What I would like to achieve is to crop/zoom so the width of the picture fill the print bounding box (there would be some cropping on top or bottom of the picture). I haven’t found a way to to so directly in the print module and was wondering if it was possible…?

I have been able to obtain the result I wanted by using the crop module in the darkroom. However:

  • it adds a few steps (duplicate, crop, and suppress duplicate after printing),
  • if the picture was already cropped with the crop module, it is not possible to easily add a ‘print crop’ within the ‘initial crop’ (there is just one instance for crop module).
  • with printing margins, the crop ratio need to be changed (for example with 5 mm margins for a A4 paper, aspect ratio is not 297:210 anymore but 287:200)


No that’s not possible. The picture is taken as-is (that is as developed in the darkroom module) and the size is adjusted (keeping the aspect of course) to fit into the print area.

Thanks for your reply Pascal.
I would probably be nice to have a “fill” option in addition to the current “fit”, but the workaround is there, so not really a big problem since I don’t print every day :slight_smile: