Darktable database problem

I have installed the latest Darktable version because i had some problems with a lot of sculls showing up instead of thumbnails in the previous version. And I also could not add new images to library by using import.
But when running the the new version i get this message. And when I press “Upgrade database” nothing more is happening, even not over the night.
My pc is Lenovo with Windows 10 and 8GB ram.
Brg. Kjell

Do you know why? Error message?

I am not sure what happened. But I had an error that said database was corrupted. But I now uninstalled Darktable and removed also the database. Then reinstalling Darktable. I have all the raw files and XMP-files so now I am using “Add to library” and using the oportunity to import only the images I want. It is raining anyway…
Problably my database was big and old, so something went wrong. Thank’s for your reply :).

A corrupted database was my assumption. Since you have the xmp, add to library is an option. Another is to use a previous database backup (dt keeps database backup) or to attempt to repair the database with SQL.

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Hi @Kjell … when you say “the latest version” do you mean the nightly build of master? If so, there were some issues recently corrected that caused me a lot of grief for several weeks. Older edits using deprecated modules would be “touched” by the erroring software, causing corruption in both the xmp and the database. In my case I needed to remove some xmps and also remove the images from the SQLite database outside of daktable, before re-importing those images within darktable.

nightly builds doesn’t contain any database updates yet - latest database update was requested when stepping from 4.2 to 4.4