Darktable: documentation 'dtdocs' moved

The new docs (manual, user’s guide - SEO :-)) can now be found here: darktable 3.6 user manual - darktable (former location: https://elstoc.github.io/dtdocs/). Please update your bookmarks.


Thanks I knew I forgot to do something.

Hm, strange, I am already following the new location on github without any activity on my side, which I appreciate but did not expect. It seems moving the repository moved some metadata as well :smile:. Thanks for the good work regarding documentation, it’s IMO a great success already.

Btw, is there a PDF built by CI already? If yes, where could I find it?

As I understand it when you move a repository the github repo links redirect automatically but the github-pages links don’t.

The PDF doesn’t auto-build yet. For now you need to build it yourself.

my personal thank you to all that have contributed to the docs update!


Now it does :-). There’s a link to the PDF on the front page of darktable 3.6 user manual - darktable