Darktable does not recognize the memory card.


As @chiraag said. .config is a hidden folder in your home directory, inside there you should have darktable. There you have library.db with the list of imported images, their editing steps, ratings, metadata, … Then there is data.db with styles, presets and tags. And darktablerc with your settings. There is also a file for keyboard shortcuts and maybe some other stuff.


It’s worthwhile reading once the usermanual, it’s full of information you are looking for:

(Matteo Bertolino) #23

I am just looking for 1 information. And the manual was not useful to me in this case.
Thanks for the tip.

(Thomas Woyke) #24

I have a similar issue running darktable 2.4.1 under ubuntu 16.04. My second HDD is not visible in the file selection dialog. I have all access rights to it as I can access it from file manager, terminal. Refering to the above suggestion of pressing the folder butto in the file dialog: which one is it?
Any suggestions?