Darktable doesn't start | windows 10

At some point while I was working with the filmic rgb module, I stopped seeing any changes on the screen (darktable viewport). I did not understand anything and closed the program.
When I ran it again, I saw the following message:

Then I agreed to delete the lock file and restarted the program again.
Everything was fine for a while (at startup I saw a completely different photo - since the previous correction was done blindly), and then I saw again the moment that I did not see any changes in the processing.
I closed the program again. Removed the lock file again, but the program did not start again at all. you click on the program icon to run it, and nothing happens.

Darktable 3.8.1 from offsite
windows 10 x86_64
AMD R9 280x (tahiti)

Who is to blame and what to do? I’m for all good vs. all bad))

I don’t know what you did (or didn’t do) to get this. For me, sometimes rebooting does wonders. Do that before you do anything drastic like delete files.

Did not do anything drastic. A message from the amd control center (the program that comes with the video card driver) saying that some application was waiting a long time for a response from the video card, and something in it crashed. And that was it.
And then this whole song started.

Rebooting helped, but somehow it was not pleasant.
The video card drivers are from the offsite.
Maybe for pc for amd chips this is how they make the hardware drivers…

Just a suspicion that this whole topic has something to do with the video subsystem.