Darktable Enfuse_pro Script Issues

Hi everyone!

I’ve just made a fresh installation of Darktable on a new machine and wanted to get back Holger’s script aka Enfuse_pro. Following the Readme instructions I have performed all respective operations, double checked, but did not get the script working - it’s not in the menu, but more weird is that I get no Lua error messages when launching the Darktable with “-d lua” option.

My local Darktable version is 2.3.0+655~g89b0e60
Did anyone of you experience the same? I’d appreciate your suggestions to find the cause of the problem.


You should ask Holger.

it might take a long time though. I’m just completely confused what else might be causing this and where to look for the cause

Have you looked at this?
http://weeklyedit .com/holgers-lua-plugin-enfuse/ (This domain now points to a spam forward, use the wayback link below instead):

Yeah, thanks, that’s actually where I learned from about this tool. Checked there too. It would be way easier if I had any debug messages displayed during the run, but there are none :frowning2:
Today I tried to replace current installation with Ubuntu repo version - no luck either.

Solved it!

Somehow… :wink: )

So there was a problem with luarc file in /.config/darktable - either it was encoding issue as mentioned here in the comments or wrong file permissions. After I have created new luarc file with root privileges (at the time I was using file-manager with root credentials, however, not purposefully) and typed in the code - it worked right away.

So, guys, the aftermath is you have to make sure you never paste those code instructions - you may end up with wrong characters, type them in yourself and create it with root r+w permission.


P.S. weird thing is that DT didn’t push any read-write errors, as earlier I tested permissions as well, so it is more likely to be characters issue


Please file a bug report to darktable.