Darktable exported EXR looks differently in GIMP

I exported this image as an EXR from Darktable:

But when I import it to GIMP it looks like this:

Can someone explain what is happening here?

Should I be using tiffs? I’d like to export the image that contains the most information from Darktable to edit in GIMP.

I’ve also tested 32 bit float tiffs, those look the same in gimp as in darktable.

edit: nvm, i think this is a bug so here it is:

I had some initial problems exporting as exr to be used in GIMP and did some tests to figure out what worked. I ended up creating a export preset that uses openexr with linear rec 709 rgb as profile and relative colorimetric as intent.

I’m using this with darktable 3.2 stable versions (also 3.0) and GIMP 2.10.20 and the above works nicely for me. Haven’t tried this with the newer 2.10.22 GIMP version and darktable’s development version though.

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Worked like a charm! Thanks!