Darktable (flatpak) doesn't remember previous imports

Hi all, I’ve been running Darktable 3.6 with as a flatpak on Fedora34 with the --library /path/to/my/library/library.db but it seems that every time I launch Darktable, it has ‘forgotten’ my previous imports.

Luckily I have the xmp’s, but I find it tedious to reimport the images every time.

Has somebody else this experience? Is it a bug or a flatpak security feature?

I’m fairly new to Linux as a Desktop OS and flatpaks, so please forgive me as I might aks stupid questions. Yes, I do know that Darktable is in the Fedora repo, I’m just curious going the flatpak route.

I think it’s some kind of sandbox problem (but I don’t use flatpaks for much, so never had issues): Sandbox Permissions — Flatpak documentation

Do you launch it like this every time? What is the actual library path?

Hi, yes I launch this from a terminal “flatpak run org.darktable.darktable --library /home/etc/etc/2021.db”
(by heart)

And when you do that there are no images in your library?


Do you see skulls in light table view or is it just completely empty?

No skulls, completely empty.
It does remember the name of the collection and film roll, but nothing shows up.
It also has remembered the styles I created (if this might be of any help)

Can you post a full screen shot?

Oh shoot!
Forget what I said, I noticed an error in my path to my library…
It’s all working fine :blush:

Strange that DT did start after all

Not really, it’ll just create a new library if one isn’t there.