darktable Focus preview is not accurate

I am trying out focus preview (ctrl + alt + W) to help in culling a batch of photos. The focus point shown is not correct for many images. Is there something I need to do to correct this? Camera is a Nikon D750.

What about the focus peaking feature (activated by the focus peaking icon under the image)?


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I can’t see that icon anywhere :see_no_evil: Also, this seems to require some amount of processing. It would likely slow down the culling process.

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It was introduced in darktable 3.0.1. You can toggle it on and off with Ctrl-Shift-F

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The icon will be introduced in darktable 3.4.

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I cannot figure this out (dt 3.2.1). I’m looking at an image in darkroom that someone pointed out is poorly focused. Ctrl-Shift-f puts rather large blue and green speckles all over the image, in the foreground and the background. I’m trying to figure out what they are indicating to me. The 3.0 docs do not list a Ctrl-Shift-f shortcut for anything.

I did find Ctrl-w to indicate properly exposed areas in the lighttable preview. Oddly, sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. What I mean is, it sometimes does not display the dotted red rectangles that indicate focused, sharp areas in the image.

The 3.0 docs are way out of date and don’t even document all of the features in v3.0. The keyboard shortcut can be found under preferences > shortcuts > global > toggle focus peaking. See the link provided by @Matt_Maguire for up-to-date documentation.