darktable for Windows Map module

I have two problems:

  • the first, with version 2.6.0 RC1 that works well on one machine and crashes on the other (production PC with the same version of Windows home 64 1803). Crash at first use after installation.
  • the second with the Map module. The problem already existed with previous versions including 2.4.4: if the tagging by drag and drop works well, the display of an already tagged image is not good. It is always the previous location that is displayed and not that of the selected image. In addition, the search for localization does not work: when you enter a city or an address, nothing happens.
    See joined screencopies.


On the first point, see: error code launching darktable. No answers yet but a discussion.

Hi afre,
I tried the suggestions without success.
As for others, dt 2.4.4 installs and reinstalls without problems. I also think it’s not hardware-related (my pc uses a Radeon graphics card).
On my laptop, a click on the parameters (gear wheel) generates a backtrace:


In this file, I read: Access Violation at location 0000000066882B18 in module libthai-0.dll.

This last point seems corrected in RC2 …