darktable for Windows

Thanks for your work on this. Super excited about this, hopefully she’s a skookum choocher. (I feel like the only person who got that joke).

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It will definitely be the Cockford Ollie. :rofl:

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It worked also for me, now a have English GUI, thank you very much!

How to install lua-scrips - gimp.lua, hugin.lua … -in windows?

The same as you do it on Linux. The luarc file has to be put into C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\darktable\. There you have to create the lua folder, too.
There is currently one limitation: it doesn’t work when the user name contains non-ASCII characters.

I have Win 8.1. I dont see any luarc-file in the location C:\Users\Arto\AppData\Local\darktable, only this:

What now?

My Windows language is Finnish.
Käyttäjät = users

I dont see any luarc-file in the location C:\Users\Arto\AppData\Local\darktable, only this:

You need to create that file. It’s just a simple text file.

Käyttäjät = users

This could be a problem, I haven’t tested it.

How to install lua-scrips - gimp.lua, hugin.lua … -in windows?

This two scripts will not work without modifications. All Lua scripts that call externals programs use the command “which” to check if the program is installed. And that is not available on Windows.

Seeing that OpenCL speeds things up even on a laptop wit only the integrated graphic card, I have now made my primitive test with a stopwatch on my ageing home PC with once gaming HD 7850 card with 2 GB of GDDR5 memory (still supported/updated by AMD). Exporting ten 24 MP cr2 files (sharpen, 2 x profiled denoise, default, colour and lightness) to jpg.

i5 3570 @ 3.40 GHz, 16 GB DDR3 RAM, 2 x HDD

win7, DT ver. 2.3.0+941~g3fe3c2749 from here
ubuntu studio 17.04, DT ver. 2.2.5 from darktable-unstable PPA

win opencl      01:31   91 s  100 %
win no opencl   04:15  255 s  280 %
lin no opencl   03:55  235 s  258 %

On Ubuntu, I wasn’t able to find a way to make OpenCL work with this GPU, and while my Linux skills are pathetic, I ran into multiple suggestions, that this may not be possible.

Thank you very much for publishing darktable for Windows! Please go on with it. It is fast and intuitive and I like it! :heart_eyes:

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Hi Thanks for this build, I’ve waiting years to see darktable in windows, here is what I’ve obtained with the last build

Hi, many thanks for putting this together. I have read how a lot of people are happy with DT for their Fuji raw files so was looking for DT as I have a x100s turning up shortly. I have installed on my current HP Pavilion 23 with windows 10 and it is working nicely, pretty quick and has thrown no errors as yet. I have worked on some Nikon raw files and am very happy with the results. Please keep up the good work it is greatly appreciated.



Hi, I just wanted to say thanks for building Darktable for Windows. I missed it for a few years. I’ve just tried it with couple of photos and didn’t experience any problems! Great work! Thanks!

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I have glitch with parametric mask :frowning:

Please be more specific!

Yellow mask are missing :confused:

I’m using Win7 64x. I’m not a programmer, but I’m very happy to see the two main horizontal lines for buildings matching up (Perspective Control). I’ve made a change, am not sure how to save it. I pressed Ctl S. I see a 123.jpg.xmp file was created but not sure what to do with it.

My question: How does one save a change in Windows.

Changes are save automatically. You should see the module in the history stack… If you’ve made all the edits you want, you can export a tiff/jpeg from the lighttable view.

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Hi, me again. I found it:
Ctl E or
LIGHTTABLE, menu on right, choose EXPORT SELECTED

This is jpeg, and the image worked on, once exported, is half or less the size of the original jpeg. Not sure if this is normal (95% quality, 8 bit)

I suppose you mean the stripes? The white blocks are drawn in manually I guess?

What did you set as the max size in the export module? Try 0×0.