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For some reason the error massage did not occur today. Apparently it was caused by an obsolete openstreet lib. I have compiled dt 2.3.0

I got into another problem, however: unlike the windows version my linux dt does not recognise my D7500. What do I have to do in order to get it working? I can see online on git, that it must be the rawspeed from the develop branch, but how do I get this branch considered during build?

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Do you have the latest lensfun and rawspeed libraries?


Yes, I do.


Is there no one able to help me with this?


I was using ver. 2.3.0+898~ge47c49cfc-win64 since it became available, modestly, but daily. It has never crashed.

Unlike the previous release, this one is using OpenCL - on a basic laptop without a dedicated graphic card (i3 6100U @ 2.30GHz, Intel HD Graphics 520, 8 GB DDR3, Windows 10) - pushing GPU usage up to 100 %.

On a primitive test (exporting ten 24 MP cr2 files (sharpen, 2 x profiled denoise)), it was notably slower with OpenCL deactivated.

Version 2.2.5 on Ubuntu Studio 17.04 on the same laptop (OpenCL not available) was, again, notably slower than the Windows version, but Windows system and programs are installed on a small SSD disk, while Linux is on (the slow part of) a HDD.

win opencl      06:02  362 s  100 %
win no opencl   07:48  468 s  129 %
lin no opencl   09:55  595 s  164 %


What do you mean, it does not recognize it? Is it unable to open the files? Is it showing wrong metadata in the image information module? Does it not support lens correction?


I’m glad to hear that. Regarding speed differences between Linux and Windows, that might also be due to compiler flags, so in order to have a proper comparison you would have to compile darktable yourself on both platforms.


It is unable to open the files and alternately can’t find the colour matrix or white balance presets. The Windows Version does not have that problem.

My assumption is, there might be a difference in the version of rawspeed used. I can see on git, that in rawspeed’s development branch data/camara.xml Nikon D7500 is present. I also know that D7500 support is targeted for dt 2.4. (https://redmine.darktable.org/issues/11685).
So my intention is to replace the files on the darktable source prior building dt, however, I am completly unsure, which files I need to replace. replacing cameras.xml and compiling then doesn’t solve it.


So you are compiling darktable on Linux yourself? Did you run “git submodule update” after “git pull” to update rawspeed, too?

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Just build the git master.

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Just signed up to say thanks for doing this! I’ve just installed on a Surface 3 - that’s the one with the Intel Atom processor. Only 2GB RAM and 64GB SSD. Runs smoothly, no crashes, everything seems to work. Not as fast as on my i7 Linux machine, but so much faster than Lightroom, which is basically unusable on the Surface.

Frankly, I’m amazed!


Thanks for the feedback. 2GB of memory are not really that much so I’d expect some problems when exporting images using, say, the equalizer. At least a severe slowdown due to swapping.


It has been a while since the last snapshot, so here you may have a new one.

Most important changes since the last snapshot:

  • white balance sliders are now colored
  • fix deletion of XMP files on Windows
  • significant speedup of the color balance module
  • add string replacements for export variables, working similar to what oen might know from Bash
  • fix searching for places in map mode
  • some changes in camera support
  • some small bugfixes

Again, the complete commit history can be found on github.

RawTherapee 5.3 Released
RawTherapee 5.3 Released
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Thanks for your work on this. Super excited about this, hopefully she’s a skookum choocher. (I feel like the only person who got that joke).


It will definitely be the Cockford Ollie. :rofl:

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It worked also for me, now a have English GUI, thank you very much!


How to install lua-scrips - gimp.lua, hugin.lua … -in windows?


The same as you do it on Linux. The luarc file has to be put into C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\darktable\. There you have to create the lua folder, too.
There is currently one limitation: it doesn’t work when the user name contains non-ASCII characters.


I have Win 8.1. I dont see any luarc-file in the location C:\Users\Arto\AppData\Local\darktable, only this:

What now?

My Windows language is Finnish.
Käyttäjät = users

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I dont see any luarc-file in the location C:\Users\Arto\AppData\Local\darktable, only this:

You need to create that file. It’s just a simple text file.

Käyttäjät = users

This could be a problem, I haven’t tested it.

How to install lua-scrips - gimp.lua, hugin.lua … -in windows?

This two scripts will not work without modifications. All Lua scripts that call externals programs use the command “which” to check if the program is installed. And that is not available on Windows.