darktable for Windows


(Tobias) #41

It would be good, if it would be possible to set “ui_last/gui_language” in the installer.


However, without the space. Possibly C works, too:



In most cases installing over the old version should be fine, but to be sure I would remove it first. Otherwise some old files could be left behind and cause trouble I assume.


Space or not, EN or en_EN, C.

Nothing happens !!


Please upload the file for us to see it. If you rename it to darktablerc.txt you can just add it to the post here.


Here it is:
darktablerc.txt (9.3 KB)


Strange, that works for me. Could you try passing the following parameter to darktable when starting:

--conf ui_last/gui_language=C

Easiest is creating a shortcut and adding it there to the command.


Now it seems like my windows-skills are not enough.

(Rick Davis) #49

Thanks for the suggestion houz, I’ve done as you suggested.

Thanks to all of the team for making this program available to us Windows users.


I prefer adding this as an information, because there are thousand+ cameras which are supported by libgphoto2 via libusb, and it really depends on the camera driver how much it can cooperate with libusb. Some cameras’ default driver is already OK, other require a driver replacement to work with libusb.


@yteaot Notepad does things the Windows way, so it might not respect the encoding, newlines, permissions, etc., of the original file. This more often than not messes things up. You need a text editor that understands and respects the initial settings of the file.

(Mica) #52

In addition, its questionable whether darktable can legally redistribute those drivers.


@afre What could be the program you mentioned?


There are so many. The main thing it should be able to handle unix line line endings.
I use EditPad Lite: https://www.editpadlite.com/download.html

If you open a file it tells you what kind of line endings it has. Check out that screenshot, look at at the bottom, it says it has Windows line endings, and uses Windows 1252 encoding:


@yteaot I have heard good things about Notepad++.

(Peter) #56

No issues with that version.

(Manuth Chek) #57

Not working with my D610. WinUSB, libusb-win32 and libusbK all don’t work, Darktable simply list no device found.


I have had difficulties with the Darktable language. I guess it’s a mistake to turn Darktable in Finnish. The illustration below shows a model of the level of translation. The translation is confusing. I think it should be corrected or removed.

(Mica) #59

It’d be awesome if you helped improve the finish translation.


Same here, rarely use Windows now. Be interesting see the take up for darktable in Windows