darktable for Windows



Thats a bug which has been recently fixed:
Having a space in install folder name prevents OpenCL to work

Next build will contain the fix. In the meantime you can install it to a folder which has no space in the path.


Could you please run from a command prompt:
darktable.exe -d camctl

and after closing darktable share the contents of the darktable-log file, which you can find:


There have been some more fixes since the last snapshot, so today you shall have another one.

Changes (the more important ones, for full changelog always have a look at the git history on github!):

  • Offer to uninstall old darktable from within the installer – you should do that in general
  • Exiv2 with unicode support
  • Fix opencl when there are spaces in the install path
  • Handle non-ascii command line arguments more gracefully -> fixes being used by GIMP
  • Updated lensfun db
  • Fix gphoto2 location setting
  • Add image to intermediate-export-image in Lua
  • Add darktable.configuration.running_os for Lua – this is subject to change

The installer: (please use link from 1st post instead)
The GPG signature: https://pixls.us/files/darktable-2.3.0%2B898~ge47c49cfc-win64.exe.asc
sha256sum: 59b3352b01386a65fc40d07f5438b4facb5f7a7e7765eb4884824a12d96e81da

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September 6


Hi again Peter

Running echo %CAMLIBS% gives -




Could you please run from a command prompt:

darktable.exe -d camctl|

and after closing darktable share the contents of the darktable-log
file, which you can find:


Hi Peter
Please find attached darktable-log.txt

darktable-log.txt (837 Bytes)

(Steve) #85

Note after sending you darktable-log.txt I forgot to say that the
camera was not connected did you want it connecting first before
running darktable.exe -d camctl ?.


Hi Steve, yes, pls.

Connect your camera, make sure its using WinUSB driver (you can use Zadig for that one) and launch darktable. Then try to scan for devices and when you finished, close darktable, and send the log file.

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Sorry Peter no probs, attached now :wink:



also printed darktable-log.txt below .

darktable-log.txt (1.52 KB)

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The new version works fine and opencl is activated on my AMD RX470 :grinning:


New Version works for me. So far no issues, which were not mentioned. I guess I won’t need linux in future anymore. Only used Linux for dt.


Okay, now I’ve run into a problem. Albeit not a buggy problem. My brand new Nikon D7500 works currently with Windows dt. So I wanted to try out this tutorial http://www.darktable.org/2012/12/profiling-sensor-and-photon-noise/ in order to noise profile my cam. But I can’t find the directory containing the folder tools. Does this currently only work on Linux?

Edit: I figured out now, that the ~darktable/tools/noise folder is on git. But I still got no clue how to make it work on Win 10.


You need a compiler to build the tool first. Which is something Windows doesn’t typically has. It also requires a shell environment like MSYS2 to run, so I’d say sensor profiling is not going to work easily on Windows.


Hmm, I am totally clueless when it comes to compiling anything as complicated as dt.
Is there any way I can replace the necessary files such as rawspeed on Linux Mint in order to profile my cam? Afaik it’s just the old rawspeed blocking me from doing it on linux (at least that is the complaint I receive on Linux)


Hm, if you have Linux available, compiling there is easy with the instructions from here: http://www.darktable.org/install/#source (git install section) and here: https://redmine.darktable.org/projects/darktable/wiki/Building_darktable_22 on many linux distros. And if you have questions, we are still here (k, need some hours of sleep now, but tomorrow …).


Thanks for the hint Chris, I’ll take a closer look when I am home. How do I identify the correct version which supports my camera’s colour matrix? Is it sufficient if I only compile raw speed or do I need to compile the entire package?


You need to compile the whole package from git master.


CMakeError.txt (4.1 KB)
It almost worked, but there were some kind of issues. I also noticed that there was an error while installing lensfun-dev, claiming that it depends on lensfun0 which apparently is causing some issues, however, the terminal output was gibberish.


Which version of dt do you build? And with which compiler version? There has been a similar error reported and fixed, see https://redmine.darktable.org/issues/11199.


That doesn’t ring any bell. Please clear your build/ folder, run cmake again and show its complete output.

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Funny. 6 years passed and we got Darktable for Win32 while we can safely use Windows 10 linux subsystem + XMing to run native Linux version with no problem at all.


Apart from the problems that such a darktable has: no drag&drop, some exporters are not working, lack of integration into Windows, no integration into GIMP, only available in latest Windows, the list probably goes on, it’s just what I had people try in the past.