darktable for Windows

(sergio) #21


(Amikot) #22

Download of Windows version of Darktable is not working.
Basically its very slow and its failing half way - with “Network Error”
I have no problems with other downloads.
I wish to continue using Darktable as I just installed Windows on my PC, and I was using Darktable on Linux (that stayed on my laptop).

(Mica) #23

Took about 30 seconds for me to download, plenty fast here!

(Rastko) #24

Can you compile darktable.git on Windows? clang + VS wise?

CMake says platform not supported.

It’s pre-alpha, I understand, but I like to dig around the source code and make stuff compile no matter what, so…


pls read this:


It can be a little lengthy to set up the tool chain, but if you follow the instructions above, there is no real difficulty to build DT from source on Windows.