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A long time ago there was a post about why we don’t have a Windows port. While I still stand by what I wrote six years ago, the times they are a-changin’.

Then two years ago there was yet another post regarding Windows. The gist of it was that the real blocker for a Windows release isn’t so much a technical one but the lack of a person (or several) dedicated to maintaining it. Not just for the moment until all the patches got merged but for the foreseeable future.

Then Peter Budai came along. Like some people before he managed to compile darktable on Windows and offered us the patches he had to do, but other than what we had seen before he stuck around, helped fix bugs and was open to suggestions how to solve things in a better way. Eventually we became confident that the lack of Windows maintainership might be solved.

To cut a long story short, we are extremely pleased – albeit wary – to announce a very first official pre-alpha development snapshot for 64 bit Windows. We know it’s still buggy, but as a sign of goodwill and request for help in testing it we would like to ask you to give it a try. Please report useful bugs in our bug tracker.

You can find the link to the binary on the pixls.us forum (a great place btw., you should check it out).

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(Charles Uibel) #2

THANK YOU for doing this!!

(David LaCivita) #3

Even though I support you reasons for being wary I do appreciate the effort. I’ve got a few friends who are just starting or don’t shoot that much and have no interest or need to pay Adobe forever. They were never going to switch to Mac or Linux so now I can finally teach them how to use darktable on Windows. Thanks again for the efforts!

(Taivo Tobreluts) #4

Congratulations for now supporting the last ~80% of PC users.
It is very cool to get more alternatives to help break Adobe monopoly, definitely going to try this.

(Michael Shea) #5

Sincere thanks for an excellent, intuitive free raw converter that works really well for Fuji X-Trans files. I’ve been revisiting photos taken four years ago with an X-Pro1 and for the very first time the resulting image files closely resemble the actual landscape scenes I recall. In particular, the rendering of foliage does away with the hideous clingfilm effect that has been evident throughout the interim period with Lightroom in particular. Many congratulations on a job well done, which I assure you is greatly appreciated.

(Half Man Half Duvet) #6

Thanks for this amazing piece of work. Thanks, especially to Peter for taking up the Windows baton.

(Ysanne Korpov) #7

Thank you a lot, as a former lightroom user a windows version is a life saver.

(Sensey Alexey) #8

that feel when you no longer need to suffer from unhandy lightroom

(Jonathan Peel) #9

I am very glad there are LR alternatives on Windows now, thank you so much.

Could anyone tell me where I am able to get help with Darktale though, it doesn’t seem to know where my mouse is.

What I mean is, in Darkroom mode, if I click on the “suspend” button under the histogram, it opens a panel with tint, temperature, red, etc.
Clicking anywhere on the right drags the image in the middle around.

This makes the application unusable.

Any help?

(Jonathan Peel) #10

After posting this, I read the article from two years ago (that I had opened in a new tab)

Then I thought about writing this.

I guess I can just laugh.


I installed darktable on my machine. Scrolling in ligttable mode and switching from lighttable to darktable mode is very slow. Anything I should be doing to improve performance? I am using a Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro.


Slow in the sense that actual scrolling is slow, or that thumbnails are generated slowly?

(Simon Heinberger) #13

Nice to have darktable for windows, thanks!
My question with the windows version is, where do I find the place to add input color profiles in windows 7? Could not find anything useful online yet, other than for the linux version, where it is …~/.config/darktable/color/in.
Thank’s in advance!


@Simone You hover over the menus to get a tool tip that tells you. See screenshot (e.g., hover over “system display profile” in lighttable mode), which tells you the location of the out folder.


(Simon Heinberger) #15

@Afre Thank you Afre, this was much helpful. Just had to generate the “…color\in” folders as they where missing in the standard installation.

(risc) #16

Windows version 2.4.3 is pretty useless if not importing existing files (see Darktable 2.4.3 Windows built: Bug)

(darix) #17

This is fixed now with the release of 2.4.4

(risc) #18

YES fixed with 2.4.4


(sergio) #19

Is there any tutorial to install it on windows 10.
I am not familiar with the tarball process.

(darix) #20

You do not want the tarball on windows, but the installer.