darktable... garbage? Angry Photographer rants about free software


The unskilled craftsman blames the tools.


There is no bad publicity!

Also you can’t compare Photoshop with darktable. You can compare Photoshop to GIMP or Krita.


To sum up : this asshole only says good things about Macbook pro, Ipad, and Adobe products. while playing a fireplace video on his Apple screen throughout the video…

With all the money you make people think you have, at least buy yourself a real fireplace instead of buying Mac products.

Either he is sponsored by these brands, or he is really the worst scumbag of humanity :slight_smile:
Looks like he’s the Donald Trump of the photography.


haha, you made my day :slight_smile:

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He is not a photographer…
Did anyone see his photography ?

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Calm people, calm, what happen to freedom of speech? If somebody wants to use product X, so let him.


Obligatory xkcd:

This is one of the many cases I like the associated text of the xkcd even more than the image itself:

I can’t remember where I heard this, but someone once said that defending a position by citing free speech is sort of the ultimate concession; you’re saying that the most compelling thing you can say for your position is that it’s not literally illegal to express.

Still I totally agree that some of the responses here seem to be entirely too serious/agitated :wink:


His body of work with non-garbage Adobe softs yet remains to be seen.

The last time he couldn’t escape shooting his own pics, he managed to clip the sky (beautiful white to cyan gradient in the background, very spectacular) on each and every photograph he took with a medium-format camera, even though he had a fill-in flash, and non-garbage Adobe softs. I have seen better work done with an iPhone.

Apart from this painful series, there is no trace of his photographic work whatsoever : it seems angry man has more use for an anti-pressure sore cushion than cameras, and is more angry than photographer.

There is freedom of speech, and there is waste of bandwidth, you know. Each byte is worth some CO2, so make global warming worth it at least.



He is free to his own tastes in software and photography editing. But I must say I am very annoyed at the number of reviewers who make no effort to understand the underlying science behind photography and still think their opinion holds any sort of value. The lens review category is especially rife with pseudoscience and “feel”

yeah he even mentions how there are college level courses in PS. But when I was at university, I knew people who were doing Phd work on wavelets. I’d say they picked the more interesting thing to study, and might have a bit more appreciation of what some of these free tools can do than people who took a class in Photoshop. Not that there’s necessarily anything wrong with that…but Phd work in wavelets probably makes for a better resume than having taken a photoshop class.

It doesn’t seem to occur to this guy (or a lot of people for that matter) that something free might require a whole bunch of learning to use properly too, not to mention that it could be better.

I use Raw Therapee and the new Darktable update is giving me feature envy…good thing I can just go ahead and use it for free if i want.

I laughed when he started talking about how many machines he’s allowed to use his editing softwares on.

There are people who have some doubts with respect to his photography :wink: :

Worst photos ever taken with a large format camera… Congrats Wheeler - not an easy task to accomplish. And as I told to Fujifilm people, as long as such a troll like you get involved with their brand I’ll never pay a dime for anything from Fujifilm. [ SteelhouseLane ]
from here (already posted by @aurelienpierre).

I’ve probably stumbled upon dozens of his videos over the years. He always struck me as a camera equipment collector and gearhead who found a way to pay for his hobby by making videos for YouTube. Somehow he has managed to get over 200,000 subscribers to his channel so this may very well be his full-time job.

I’m going to have to save the videos at that link for later as I’m in a public place but I just looked at his photos. These are the first that I’ve seen from him.

I’ll be nice by saying that he’s probably a very busy man these days with that YouTube channel and probably doesn’t have much opportunity to maintain his photography skills by going out shooting. :smile:

The other photographer obviously has a better grasp of, well… light.

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dude just wants to show off his tattoos + jedi robe :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve never heard of this guy but I’ve heard many of the same arguments. Seems to be a common sentiment from the Apple enthusiasts I’ve encountered. The number of times I’ve been told “if you were truly any good at X or smart you’d give up on free software and program for the iPhone” by some of these folks is quite staggering too. It’s like a cult. :stuck_out_tongue:

He has some galleries on his web site aside form the blog post you linked. While the photos in that gallery aren’t my style they seem to be more or less competently executed. Which makes his seeming lack of skill with a camera in the blog post even more puzzling. Unless I’m misunderstanding and the galleries are not his work but workshop attendees? Maybe he had an off day with the GFX? Like I said I’d never heard of the guy until now and know almost nothing about him.

These photos are done by Jason Lanier and not by Ken Wheeler or am I wrong?

I see he’s on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/officialangryphotographer/

You are correct.

Men Wheeler’s Instagram is pretty weak. Looks like snapshots and reposts.

More angry than photographer, indeed.

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Ah OK sorry I thought Lanier was the guy in the video too. I don’t know who either of these guys are so I assumed we were talking about one person.