darktable-generate-cache question


Does generate all missing thumbnails (from the manual) mean that a second run of this binary will be faster than the first run, when it created thumbnails for all images?

I’m currently running it on 35K images, and it is taking a long time (no problem, I’m ok with that). My point is: when I import more images to the database and re-run darktable_generate_cache to create thumbnails for those new images, will it run faster?

Yes a second run will be faster as it will just update the thumbnails, so generate only new imported images and those you have processed on darkroom view since last run.

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Aren’t those ones updated on the fly by darktable binary itself when I switch from darkroom to lightroom?

Yes they could, not sure when switching but, at least when viewing them on preview or culling mode for example. And only if cache options on core tab from preferences dialog are checked.

darktable-generate-cache is a way to generate all cache images at one time for all your library AND with darktable offline. So, for example a good way to launch it when you don’t use darktable for next work session.