Darktable graduated density vs exposure with masks


I’m wondering whether there is a significant difference between the graduated density module and just using multiple instances of the exposures module with masks.
I’ve started to use the exposure module with gradient masks to mimic graduated density. But I’m also using parametric and more detailed drawn masks to target specific areas for dodging and burning. I find that way more effective than to apply one graduated density.
Are there any benefits from using the graduated density module?


Not that I’m aware of, but that doesn’t mean anything.

I’m using the same approach like you with exposure module and masking, which has the benefit of using the masks in other modules like color balance as well.

Yes, I find the approach way more flexible! I guess it’s the core idea of darktable that you can use different ways to achieve the same result.

core idea :thinking:

There is a talk recorded at the LGM 2019 given by @hanatos and @houz: 10 years of darktable.
:innocent: :wink:



Maybe fundamental idea? Or did I just misunderstand your :thinking: ? :smile:

Thank you for the recording, I will watch it asap! :blush: