Darktable HDR edit... Giant Tin Solider

A little more edited/processed than I normally do but I like it. Mostly because of the sheen from the water.

This is from New Westminster British Columbia back in 2020.

Sony A7s and Tamron 17-28mm.


Nice, the blue lights are pretty pleasing.


I like the way the bright colours complement the ‘toy’ soldier… kind of appropriately colourfull!

How do/did you like the A7s? It was my main camera a couple of years back, and I don’t think I quite appreciated it at the time - I find the files particularly malleable (is that the word I mean?) or easy to push in different directions.

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I like everything about but its Sony made thing lol Felt like such a Fisher Price toy quality compared to my Olympus EM 1 Mk1 and Panny GH5s. For night club stills with no flash A7s FTW for high iso video in nightclubs GH5s FTW.

Yes the files could be tweaked quite a bit.

Most are A7s and some Gh5s Nightlife | Flickr

This was GH5s 2018 Video wasn’t my thing and was quite intoxicated that night lol used Olympus 8mm FE for the video. ISO 12800

A7s video. A7s had some issues with LED lights vs GH5s. As before have to take into account the copious amounts of party favors that night and trying to edit the video next day with a massive hangover LOL