Darktable HDR/Olympus EM1 Mk2 - Pitt Meadows British Columbia

These were some of my early HDR shots using my EM1 mk2. This on the Pitt River in low tide. Low tide is not for the faint hearted, a bit dangerous and good change of loosing a shoe in the mud (yes it happened, have to dig out a photo)


What I like about your HDR work is that you have kept them normal looking and not overcooked like so many people love to do. Nice photos.


Thanks, I use to hate HDR and one day I decided to try it out. Took some time to train the brain not to want to go overboard with the edits. I still sometimes go back to an image and re adjust it after seeing it online when I posted it originally and my self thinks its needs to be toned down a little bit more but lots of times I just say screw it, it’s my vision. Just like I’m not a fan of a loft of the landscape photos out there that look super unnatural with everything light up properly from stacked exposures but then again it someone else’s artistic vision.

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