Darktable HDR shots from this week only cost me two lenses lol

Not the first and last time I’ll break equipment lol Photos from Monte Lake BC, Westwold BC and Kamloops BC

Went out today to Money Lake and Westwold. Did Olympics quality ass/tumble down a hill into some nasty prickly bush and looks like I broke the lens mount screw pin on my 8-18mm, was wondering why it would focus at wide end the notice my Panny 14-140mm would not focus at 14mm but at 15/16 it would, so must have did something to it earlier as it worked fine last night.

Looks like I might be able to JBWeld/Crazy Glue the screw holding pin back into place, but will need a load of vodka to stabalize the hands lol

HDR conversions in Darktable Em1 Mk1 Any questions feel free to ask.


As long as none of you need some crazy glue to be held together… crazy how these things happen often when you are least expecting it as well… Do you need to add a helmet to your kit… :slight_smile:


Haha probably should get a helmet and a sticky note infront of me that says “No that’s a wrong way, nope don’t go there, you’re not listening to your brain…” lol


Great pics - genuine Haluskos! :wink:
I think my favorite might be the train - lovely light and colours in that one.
Sorry to hear about the tumble. Best of luck with fixing the lens!

My repair attempts (more on electronic stuff) haven’t had a great track record… these days I only try to fix things if there’s no other hope. :rofl: