Darktable: How to fix blue color in high contrast photo?



(darix) #2

lens correction?


lens correction just change the image perspective, not the color.

(David Vincent-Jones) #4

First step would be to go back through your history and see if one of your steps has induced the problem. It may well be that a module like S&H has created the edge situation and that an adjustment of sorts needs to be made.
Difficult to believe that the raw data (I am assuming the image came from raw) contained the problem.

(Glenn Butcher) #5

To make sure I have it straight, you’re talking about the blue cast to the leaves in shadow… ??

If so, and I’m speculating this from a screenshot of a processed image, I think that the blue cast is from the incident light from the sky.

If you’re amenable, posting the raw file would help to answer this…

(darix) #6

My guess would be that TCA correction (part of the lens correction) might help here


Yes its the blue cast to the leaves.


I think I fix it, it the low pass module with color blend mode to increase saturation. I have to remove that.