darktable: how to use the 'edit style' dialog?

How does one use the edit styles dialog? I don’t use it often, so what I see may or may not be a recently introduced change (I’m on the master branch).

I’ve opened an image, turned on and off a bunch of modules, saved some of those into a style.
Now, if I select styles/edit on the lighttable, depending on which image is selected, the dialog looks different:

I assume the unchecked ones at the bottom indicate modules that are part of the stack of the selected image, but are not part of the style (if there are any); clicking them would add them to the style.
At the top, it seems logical that placing a check mark next to a module in the ‘include’ column means ‘keep the values in the style as defined now’, whereas ticking ‘update’ means ‘overwrite the module’s values with those in the image’s history stack’; and it’d also be logical that not having a check mark would remove the module from the style.

If I select multiple photos, and then click edit, it seems that I can only toggle whether I want to keep a module in the style or remove it.

Are the assumptions correct?
I have tried both the old (“Styles” in the darktable usermanual) manual and the new one (darktable 3.6 user manual - styles), but this was not described in detail.

My general approach with the new manual was that if it was a feature I didn’t understand well I just tried to make the existing page more readable. If I understood it well I also added to it or corrected it at the same time. Style creation and update was definitely more in the former category (I’ve used styles a couple of times but not delved into the detailed functionality much).

The summary you’ve given sounds like a reasonable explanation of the behaviour you’re seeing though.

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