darktable import images no dng preview

If I want to import single images, I see a preview in the import browser at jpg, tif, png, but of raw/dng only the darktabe symbol. Is that so, or can it be changed?


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Can you tell us the darktable version you use and your operating system?

Hi, darktable 3.0.0rc2, Win 10, 64
Otherwise I have no problems and darktable works very well

What type of camera are the dng files from? Did you see a preview in earlier dark table versions?

They are made with the YI M and edited with the Adobe DNG Converter. Because of the size reduction. With the editing in darktable there are no problems, not even with the preview in lighttable.

Hadn’t noticed this before as I normally import folders, but I tried using import image and my dng files do not show a preview either. Mine were created using Iridient X-transformer.

The thumbnails for the dng files show up fine in lightable if the folder is imported.

I have the YI M1 camera as well, and it shows previews for me using the native raw format. I don’t use dng converter. I’d suspect that DMG converter is mangling your data. Can you see if you have the same issue with raw files that dng converter has not touched?

That’s the way it is.
The selection when opening individual images is not displayed.
This is a bit unfortunate.
Thumbnails in lighttable are displayed.

The same with files that dng converter has not touched.
There are no problems with the DNG converter and the DNG are only half the size.

I’m guessing its either a bug or just a missing feature. I tried using 2.4.2 on an old computer running Linux Mint and got the same problem - with my own dngs and random ones I downloaded from other forums on pixls.us.

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Thanks a lot, it actually seems to be a missing feature.
It would be very helpful.

That’s just a guess, but if the file selection dialog is inherited from gtk, it may depend on your os capabilities if thumbs are shown or not. As said, just a guess, I did not check the code.