Darktable is rendering photos WAY too bright!


I’m editing my photos, and what’s on the screen being displayed to me in real time is not even close to what’s actually rendered. I’ve no idea what would cause this, but it makes the program for all intents and purposes… pretty useless. Can anyone help me get darktable to a working state?

(darix) #2
  1. is your screen calibrated?
  2. how do you define “how it is rendered”?
  3. is the other program, that you use to look at the exports, color managed?


Yes my screen is calibrated… here just… NSFW warning.

screenshot of what’s happening

See, that’s a screenshot of what darktable is showing me (Left) and what actually is getting rendered (right). Rendered is the exported photo after you’re done editing. I don’t really know how else to describe this word. The other “program” im using to look at the exports is just my photo viewer.

(Mica) #4

A slightly larger screen shot would be nice. What is the name of your photo viewing program?

What is your working color profile? Export color profile?

(darix) #5

TBH … for me the image viewer is even brighter than DT. maybe wrong gamma assumed by the viewer or so.

What does Gimp say about the file?


Ugh… Yes that’s exactly the problem… Sorry, I’m guessing the term “render” is a bit unknown here.

The files that DarkTable exports turn out WAY brighter then what Darktable shows me on screen when I’m editing. Dark Table is the name of the software… It’s in the title.

I’ll have to check gimp in a moment.

(Morgan Hardwood) #7

You’re using a linear output profile. What you see in “Image Viewer” is what I would expect to see when viewing an image with a linear gamma when the viewer is not correctly color-managed.