Darktable Lens correction module for Fujinon 23mm F2 WR


(Ruud Maas) #1

I’am a happy user of Darktable. It works super on the latest Ubuntu platform. Also nice film styles.
Recently i changed my camera system from Nikon to Fujifilm X.
I 'am using the Fujifilm XT2 and a new lens Fujinon 23mm F2 WR.
The lens correction module does not do anithing. It does not recognise the new lens.
Can somebody inform me when the new lens Fujinon 23mm F2 WR is included?
How can this be update in Linux?
Or is there an other workaround on the Ubuntu Linux platform?


Hello Ruud & welcome!
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Claes en Lund, Zweden

(Mica) #3

From the command line run lensfun-update-db.

The lensfun project is powered by its users, so there is no “date for inclusion,” rather a user must do the work for lens correction and submit the results. So if you have the lens, you can contribute. The first link @Claes provded has more info.

(Ruud Maas) #4

Hi Yes Dutch:grinning:
The enclosed list shows there is lensfun data for the XF23mm F2 R WR.
But how can I get that in a running Darktable version?


a) Follow Mica’s advice.
b) Read the second link I gave you.

(Ruud Maas) #6

Sorry I’am a linux newbee.
What is the precise command to update the lensfun Db in terminal?
Much appreciating your help.

(Mica) #7

Literally update-lensfun-db. You may need sudo in front of that command if you run it as a regular user.

(Ruud Maas) #8

SorrydDid try both so in terminal: sudo update-lensfun-db
Does not run.

(Mica) #9

What is the error message?

(Mica) #10

How about lensfun-update-data?

(Ruud Maas) #11

ruud@ruud-desktop:~$ sudo update-lensfun-db.
[sudo] wachtwoord voor ruud:
sudo: update-lensfun-db.: opdracht niet gevonden
ruud@ruud-desktop:~$ update-lensfun-db.
update-lensfun-db.: opdracht niet gevonden

(Ruud Maas) #12

“opdracht niet gevonden” means command not find



sudo lensfun-update-data

as Mica suggested.
It works here, and I can now use your lens in my darktable.

There are many Linux distributions, and sometimes the commands are not identical :slight_smile:

(Ruud Maas) #14

Many thanks. Now it runs.
Super many thanks.
So for vignetting there aren nof contributions.
How can i help?

(Mica) #15

See this section: Create lens calibration data for lensfun

(Ruud Maas) #16

Sorry, I do not fully understand your answer.
Is it correct that the lensd ata of mine fujinon XF 23mm F2 R WR is somehowe send to some user so everybody can use the corrections?

(Ruud Maas) #17

Will look in to that. First need to getter some stuff

(Mica) #18

When you finish the vignetting procedure and have the vignette data for lensfun, it is good form to share that data with the lensfun project so everyone with that lens can have vignette correction.

(Ruud Maas) #19

Great initiative. As soon as I have the pics I will send them to Lensfun. I’ll inform You.

(Ruud Maas) #20

Hi Mica, is a milky glass (for drinking of some kind) OK when i put that in front of the lens? I do not have any flat milky glass at my disposal.