darktable locking up


I’m running version 2.4.3, and have processed thousands of photos with this application involving countless of “face time” and pleasure/productivity.

This morning, it is locking up on me as soon as I click “darkroom” to work on an image.

My OS is Ubuntu 18.04.

The only recent changes to my system are that Ubuntu automatically updated my Gimp 2.9x to 2.10.0.

Generally, when Ubuntu notifies me of the availability of updates, I accept them, so, perhaps something on my system is causing the problem.

I know I haven’t given you much information, here, but, perhaps, someone else has experienced/corrected a similar problem.

Suggestions most appreciated.


(I wanted to add ‘darktable’ as an optional tag, but that action is greyed out.)

(Pat David) #2

There’s an actual darktable category, no need for a tag.

You may find some help here, but remember there’s a proper bugtracker that you should use for issues.

I’m also on 18.04, but I haven’t noticed anything personally. I’ll try again soon and see if something seems fishy. :slight_smile:


Thank you for your reply. I don’t do that much posing on this forum, so get rusty as to how to use its features.
I agree that something seems fishy. I’ve almost never had darktable crash on me. I was using it both as a stand-alone ap and as a front end to open RAW images to pass to Gimp 2.10.

I have really not had much of a problem with any application crashing in Gimp.

Resorted to Lightzone this morning to finish processing files that I wanted to get out.

Will follow your links to the bugtracker.

Have a great day.