DarkTable mac version not see external devices

I bought a 24 'iMac with Big Sur operating system and downloaded the latest version of DarkTable.
All my archive (8 years of photos) is in an external RAID system (now connected in USB-C with adapter from Firewire800) but while all the software reads and writes on the RAID, Darktable in the import phase sees me only the SSD disk indoor.
How can I solve the problem?

You need to give DT access to that disk. Then its under /Volumes/<disk name>

Sorry but where do I find VOLUMES? Under IMPORT I have 2 buttons, IMAGE and FOLDER; Pressing this button I see the user folders in use or I can go back to the internal disk ‘/’. Then under I have the entry ‘other location’ which shows me the computer, but I don’t see the connected raid disk.

Sorry but non work; My version does not display ‘volumes’ but by pressing ‘+’ I only see ‘computer’ even if an HD and a card with reader were connected and both regularly mounted on the desktop. See my screenshot

Try looking In Finder Preferences, if you you have External disks selected in sidebar?. If yes, do you see the external disk in the sidebar when you open a window by double clicking on your HD?

yes. The sidebar shows the internal and external drives. The disks are visible both on the desktop and in the left bar under the heading ‘devices’. All applications see them for me regularly.

Not an elegant solution, but to see if you can get to your external disk, make alias of the ext disk and place it in a folder that you can see in darktable, for example documents from your screenshot. And then see if dt can see it when you open documents. On my Mac this approach works. OS 11.5.1 and dt 3.7.

I also tried to alias the external drive and put it in the ‘pictures’ folder before writing this help request. Unfortunately the alias gives it to me gray and I can’t enter it.
But isn’t it that the problem can be given by the new iMAC that no longer has the intel processor?

That could be the problem. My iMac has the intel processor. Hope that people working with the M1 chip can help you on this problem.

thank you for the time and patience you have dedicated to me. We hope we can solve.

Have you given darktable access to the disk in your Security and Privacy preference in the macOS preferences?

Yes, I have already added Darktable in security & privacy as I see the volumes on the desktop, in the sidebar of the finder windows.
But to me ‘volumes’ does not appear and I find it strange that a program does not have a peferences page.
I will be forced to go back to the old lightroom

Yesterday configuration