darktable Nikon Active D-Lightning processing ?


(Frederic Chanal) #1


For convenient reason I shot in RAW+JPEG on my D7500.

I really like to process RAW file on darktable, but have to say that I also often struggle to get better result than the in camera JPEG processing, especially for shadow and highlight exposure where I assume that Nikon active D-lightning do a better job than me.

So I was wondering is someone could tell me the best way to mimic Nikon Active D-Lightning with DT?

I also noted that RAW file imported in Dartable without any preset profile are much more dull than
the in-camera JPEG, do you think this is because my D7500 is not yet fully supported ? (using DT 2.4.4 on Windows)

Thanks for this community !

(Boris Hajdukovic) #2

Hi Frederic,

I suggest that you give us an example, a raw and corresponding jpg file. I myself have Nikon d7200 and with darktable can achieve much better results than with nikon’s Active D lightning.

This is normal because the jpg files have already been processed in the camera depending on the presets you have chosen.