Darktable not presenting HEIC files for selection.

When I search for information about this it suggests that the ability to view and open HEIC files has been added, but I cannot seem to persuade it to do so.

Hi and welcome!

We are going to need some more info.

What version of darktable? What OS? Did you build it yourself?

Thanks for getting back to me. I just downloaded the latest version for windows. darktable-4.0.1-win64

Hey - I’m having this issue also. I can import HEIC photos, but I get the skull in lighttable instead of reading the images, and “please check the camera model that produced this image is supported in darktable”

Am a brand new user, also on Windows 11 x64, version 4.2.0 - downloaded the binary from https://github.com/darktable-org/darktable/releases/download/release-4.2.0/darktable-4.2.0-win64.exe

Can you upload a sample file??

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I am not seeing this problem…went to internet and downloaded a test file…

shows up to be imported

And imports and opens fine


Windows 11… I think I am on around 4.3 + 108 or so , so this is a bit past v. 4.2. If you upload your file I can try that and also someone using 4.2 can also confirm for you…

IMG_2739.zip (2.2 MB)

Here’s a sample file (Discourse automatically converts to a jpeg, thus the zip).

Interestingly, HDR HEIC photos taken with an iPhone 13 work fine.

However, that sample photos was taken with an iPhone 11 - and none of the photos I’ve got from that phone seem to be viewable.

Interesting I wonder what the difference is…

Btw, it’s been known (older?) iPhones sometimes actually export a JPEG with a .heic extension, so try renaming to .jpg

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Ah you know all the tricks…that seems to be it… renaming the provided image to jpg and it opens fine @Melchester this seems to be the issue… :slight_smile:

@naxxfish Thanks for the sample. Yes indeed, it is a JPEG file disguised as a HEIC file.

I will make a fix that will allow such files to be successfully imported and hope it will be accepted for inclusion in darktable 4.2.1.

O wow ! I was even aware of that (they also pretends screenshots are PNG but they’re actually JPEGs). Should have looked harder !

Thanks, hopefully that fix will help some unfortunate iPhone users in future !

Hi everyone, I am new to darktable and I am also having this problem but I am on Mac OS Monterey 12.6.3 and downloaded the 4.2.1. version of darktable. I have tried to read your answers but I don’t know much about computers and unfortunately I still don’t know what to do … The HEIC photos are from my iPhone 12. I’d appreciate any help :slight_smile: Thank you !

Hi @sarounette, and welcome!

I am not a McPerson, but could it be that
HEICs from iPhone 12 has the same problem
as those from an iPhone 11?

If so, try to change the name on one of your HEICs:
xxxx.heic → xxxx.jpg and see if that helps.

Have fun!
Claes in Lund, Sweden

If the photos are in a folder on a drive, you can change the extension. If the file is in the photos app, not sure.
The finder has option to rename via a short cut from the contex menu.
If that doesn’t work, open in preview and save the image as a new jpg file. That should work.
If needed I can attach images tomorrow when back on my Mac.

Thank you @Claes and @Espresso !

I had imported all my photos from a previous software and let my computer run all night, when I got back to it in the morning the HEIC files had started to come through so it looks like it just needed time, all good now

I have some old photos that wouldn’t show up but changing the extension made them appear so it’s a good trick to know

Thank you so much for taking the time to reply to my question !

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