Darktable/Olympus HDR landscape edits

These are from Kamloops British Columbia and mostly HDR merged in DT
Dartable 3.8.1
Olympus Em1 Mk1
Panny 8-18mm
Panny 14-140mm Mk2

Any questions feel free to ask.


I especially like the first two. :slight_smile: Lovely.

How do you find the Panasonic 14-140mm? I have the Oly 14-150mm which is OK and very compact but quite compromised at the long end. (as in soft - although stopping down to f8 helps)

I like the third and last one.

Its ok for an all around lens, I got it on a pretty good deal used so grabbed it. Only thing is, its supposedly weather sealed and I already got dust into it. Never had issues with dust getting into any of the higher end Olympus lenses in 20 years of using them.

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Wow I like the colors of the first one, and I like the contrast also is not too pronounced!
What tool(s) do you use to merge the HDR? I’ve tried some HDR recently but didn’t managed to obtain good results for now.

Nice set of images! I really like the first one.

I used the HDR merge feature in Darktable. Only draw back is it doesn’t align the images if there any shifting in camera/object but for online posting its fine. If someone needed a print of the file I’d something that aligns the image.

It’s really not that hard in DT.