Darktable on iMac 2017


(David Heintz) #21


I can tell you that 2.4.0 is as fast as any other raw processor for the Mac, and I pretty much have them all. System 10.13.5 beta with 16GB ram.

(Mica) #22

There is a flatpak of darktable as well, available from flathub.

(Rafa García) #23

Some time ago I did a formula for homebrew (I receive a lot of help from Darktable team). This formula was not accepted by homebrew team for different reasons.

The next week I’ll verify if it works. It’ll allow to build darktable easily for eager mac users.


As a follow-up, in the end I didn’t get the iMac, but a Dell Inspiron 7775, a 27" all-in-one with 4k display with Ryzen 7 and AMD Radeon RX580. Darktable works wonderfully well on it :slight_smile: