Darktable opening files


Installed DT 2.4.1, (windows).

When I want to open/import files I only get a message “can not read file” (in Swedish)

In the preview to open/import the Picture shows


Could you share one such file?



Hmm, I could open it without any problem.

(Morgan Hardwood) #5

@PeterFalun this forum modifies image files on upload, so what we see is not exactly what you uploaded. Either first zip the file and then upload it here, or upload as a JPEG straight to https://filebin.net/


thanks, I moved the file to a USB-stick and then it all worked.

trying again opening file from computer caused an error message “darktable - error locking database”

"the database lock file contains a pid that seems to be alive in your system:7444


If you are sure that there is no instance of darktable running then you can just delete the lock files the error dialog points to.