Darktable-oriented workflow

To those Darktable oriented photo enthusiasts. The other day I was thinking is Darktable and GIMP the best OSS combination to produce the finest result, or should I rely only on Darktable or GIMP

What do you think, Is there any benefit using Darktable strictly for rough, no mask applied, development and GIMP for refinement and artistic look?

What means ‘the finest result’? Have you tried out other combinations yourself?
My point is: there is no wrong solution, but it all depends on what you want to achieve and which tools you like working with.

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My general rule of thumb is, if I can do it with relative ease in darktable, then do it in darktable.

GIMP is mostly retouching, larger clone tools jobs, exposure blending, and gmic filters. Sometimes sharpening in GIMP if I want some subtly.

darktable is ‘non-destructive’ … the data origin is always fully protected. Gimp on the other hand is capable of destroying your incoming material.
Gimp can never fully process RAW data in the way that darktable can … but if you want to mess around with paint-brushes and fancy tricks, then Gimp is a great solution.
Both programs have entirely different uses.