darktable shortcuts without reaction

(dt 3.81 on bunsenlabs debian)

Working through a selection of images in lighttable there is this effect where shortcuts seemingly random only register on second strike.

Context: lighttable, only 2000 images in the library, star filter brings that down to around 500 visible, I then use color labels to select sets with 50 to 200 images for different usages. So images can have anything from zero to three color labels at the same time. To get the selection visible, collections are turned on and off, extended or reduced, groups of images get selected, interim corrections in darkroom mode are applied.

Depending on where I left off, any number of images might be actively selected.

Now … mouse hover … change color label with hotkey … might or might not work on first strike.

And therein lies the problem … that one keystroke might or might not kill hours of selection work. Having to check every single keystroke for it’s effect is a nightmare to work with. Yes, I do “backup” that work into tags, which is where the selection information is eventually stored for archival reasons, but that’s not something viable to do while doing the editing.

Does anyone else have this problem? I really have a hard time finding a pattern - something that I am usually quite good at.

Hints highly appreciated.

It seems that the app does not know where the mouse is until the mouse moves.

It is like the GUI has dementia and lost track of where it was and what it was doing.
Wiggle the mouse and it wakes up again and fulfills its duty.

If that is really the case, the GUI part of darktable has a serious problem.

You’ll likely need to provide some logs or even better a gdb debug log if you want to get this solved.