Darktable sorting images by file extension

I have looked at the manual before posting this question. I have shot images in both Jpeg and RAW. I now want to sort my collection by file extension type so I can select and delete all the Jpeg images efficiently. I do not see a way of doing this through the sort by option. Advice would be appreciated if there is a way to do this. I personally would have thought sorting by file extension would be a good feature to have obvious in the sort by options.

What I’ve done is just type in .jpg into the search box. (I mean the ‘filter by text’ box in the top bar and also in collection filters) This is DT4.0… I’ve forgotten how it worked in 3.8 but there was something similar.
Not sure if this does quite what you want though…

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Thanks Steven. That worked for me. I am still surprised file extension is not in the drop down options as I would expect to see this selection used by many people. The DAM capabilities of DT have really improved.

Happy to help! I’m always discovering new things - so I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s a better way to do it :smiley: