Darktable style presets (dtstyle.net)

Not sure how many folks know about it, but @andabata has a neat website at dtstyle.net that allows you to scroll through many different darktable preset styles (as well as preview them right on the page), and to download the ones that you like.


is there any way to push all your G’Mic preset on darktable (or in dtstyle.net)?

Well, no unfortunately. I’ve approached the darktable devs about this, but due to the way I package those presets (as HALD Color Lookup Tables), they are a one-way process. There doesn’t seem to be much interest from the devs to implement them.

That’s not to say that they would necessarily outright reject a patch if someone were enterprising enough to make one! :wink: I would give it a try, but lack time at the moment…

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It might also be possible to directly call G’MIC inside darktable… the pixel processing part should be rather easy, but then someone needs to write the GUI interface. Still probably easier than directly implementing the HALD CLUT handling, and it would open the path for other G’MIC filters as a bonus!

@patdavid i don’t understand how HALD Clut work…
I would like to extract the clut of this image. it’s a JPEG generated by my Fuji X-T1 with a Classic Chrome film emulation.
The idea behind this, it’s to applied this clut correction to a set of raw pictures in darktable.
Can you help me?

The idea behind a HALD Clut is simple, map all the colors in an image from one value, to a different value defined in the color lookup table.

How we do this for you is the harder question. :slight_smile:

First, this is not likely to be something that we can easily do in darktable. Their processing pipeline won’t support the workflow I’m about to describe. In that case, honestly, the best path would be to take two photos of the same scene, load them into dt or GIMP, and fiddle with hue/curves/color-toning until you get settings that look similar. This is a long, tedious, iterative process. :wink:

On the other hand, there may be a faster way to do this. It depends on how your camera applies the “Classic Chrome” toning. To see if we can get it to work will require you to go through some steps first, though.

  1. Can you apply “classic chrome” to an image you’ve already shot? Can you, in-camera, go to a previously shot image and still apply the “classic chrome” emulation?
  2. Can you do this with both a JPG and RAW image? Check to be sure by shooting only in JPG, taking a shot, and applying the emulation.

Let me know the answer to those two questions, and we can proceed from there…

@patdavid after check in the manual book :
1 ) Can you apply “classic chrome” to an image you’ve already shot? Can
you, in-camera, go to a previously shot image and still apply the
"classic chrome" emulation?
i can view a RAW and choose to create a film simulation JPEG (page 70 ) and in page 42, there’s the complete list of film simulation aviable)
2) Can you do this with both a JPG and RAW image? Check to be sure by
shooting only in JPG, taking a shot, and applying the emulation.
Yes i can bracketing film simation when i shoot raw or jpeg (page 55)

Ok, try testing this, then:

Take out your memory card, and load this image onto it:

Put the card back in your camera and see if you can apply the “Classic Chrome” film emulation to this image. If so, post it back to me here.

@patdavid unfortunatly, it doesn’t work. When i copy the picture on my SD card and next put it to my fuji. I see this message “read error” when showing this file. And the film simulation is only aviable with a raw file not with a jpeg or a png :’(

Ah, so there is the crux of the problem. With no means to apply their simulation to a reference file, it’s non-trivial to produce a similar film emulation. I may spend some time with some sample images later and see if we can’t produce something that at least gets us reasonably close.

ok, maybe there is another way. I come from Lr with a lot af presets (lrtemplate). Is there a solution to convert/transform a lrtemplate to a dtstyle file?
i put an example of a lrtemplate on my website

Although i don’t know anything about g’mic, i could look into it if something like dtstyle.net is possible for g’mic aswell. If there is any intrest in that.

I would love to see Pat’s Film Emulation presets ported to Darktable…

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Since there has been quite some discussions and requests concerning Pat’s Film Emulation presets, I take advantage of that for advertising a bit my own project, PhotoFlow.

It includes Pat’s presets through their G’MIC implementation, and they can be applied non-destructively as part of the normal image editing workflow. More details here!

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I think your Photoflow name app is already in use by a Instagram native app for mac: http://photoflow-app.com/

I had missed this one… I’ve also realized too late that “Photoflow” is a flash-based image gallery generator. Looks like I’ll soon need to find a new name for the project :frowning:

Nicely done man, just a shame that Photoflow doesn’t seem all that user friendly.

That’s where I need your help (your: all volunteers to test the program). I’m coding the project since a bit more than one year, and I perfectly know that the interface it too “rude” and not yet user-friendly. But I’m open to all suggestions…

I hope that the forthcoming article here on pixls.us will help understanding how it works.

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@Carmelo_DrRaw - have you considered reaching out to the UI/UX free-software design community in some way? There might be some members who would be willing to help you get the UX a little more polished and usable. I am juggling a few things at the moment, but might be able to help out in some way a little later this month (if so I’ll try to write something up and get it to you).

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That would be a really good idea! Any suggestions on where to post/ask for help? So far I got very controversial feedback about usability… we can really see how everyone’s brain works in his own way!
The hard task of the developer is to make a good “weighted average” :wink:

EDIT: of course, any advice from you would be greatly appreciated! Just send me your thoughts whenever you’ll have time for that.