Darktable styles with auto settings and batch processing

For several months now, darktable has become my default editor and I have learnt many things in this time.
Among other things, I would like to automate some procedures for editing batches of images.
I have created some styles. For example, for my Fuji X100 I created a style ‘Fuji X100F|lens+denoise’ to automatically apply distortion correction and denoise.
I would like to do the same for ‘Fuji X100F|filmic (auto)’ to apply ‘auto tune levels’ and 1.2 contrast. However, the auto tune levels are not maintained.
Similarly I would like to be able to automate the auto exposure to apply it in batch but again I don’t understand how to save the auto exposure.
Some options are retained, others that are automatic it is not clear how it works. I have looked in the manual and on this page there are interesting hints but it is not clear how to apply them in practice. Do you have more precise suggestions or tutorials on how to batch using styles and automatisms?
Thank you.

This is the only way I know to do the autopickers in batch editing unless you were to write your own custom script… This one is powerful and lets you set many things out of the gate…

What do you mean by this? That should be a default, as long as you have one of the scene-referred workflows enabled:

Besides the initial workflow script, @bastibe has also published a script that can set exposure to match the DR settings of Fujifilm cameras: GitHub - bastibe/Fujifilm-Auto-Settings-for-Darktable: Automatically apply Fujifilm film simulation LUTs, crop, and DR correction when importing images in Darktable.