Darktable - tethering - no preview

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Hi - Darktable 2.6.1 recognises my tethered 60d and usually works fine and shows the preview. Occasionally - usually when I really need it like an upcoming photo session with a client - it doesn’t show the preview. It does, however, save the image on the laptop so all is not lost. I am using default settings - nothing has been changed.

Can anyone suggest what is wrong - is there something I’ not doing?
Thanks in advance

Phil Gazzard


(pphoto) #2

Hi and welcome to the forum.
Which operating system do you use?


(Phil Gazzard) #3

Windows 8


(pphoto) #4

Canon offers a tethered shooting tool for Windows with support for the EOS 60D

Can you try out this tool? Just to see if the other tool has problems with preview or not. Then you know if it’s a problem within Darktable or in another part.

Do you have the latest drivers and updats on your system?



Also have you used and installed the appropriate libusb driver as described:


(Phil Gazzard) #6

Thank you everyone for your swift responses. The statement ’ . . . nothing has been changed’ turns out not to be true - I found the session option ‘base directory naming pattern’ had been changed - by me so the program was looking in the wrong place for the preview. I reset the details and now preview works fine.

I do occaisonally have to click away to lightable then back to tethering to refresh the view to show the latest shot - is this normal?

I got darktable to recognise the 60d by using zadig as suggested - the Canon Eos utility doesn’t work with Windows 8 and I tried everything short of upgrading.

Thanks once again