Darktable: tethering not available

I wanted to check out tethered shooting with my Canon R5 once more but I still can’t get it working. I compiled dt with gphoto2 support, gphoto2 lists all capabilities, tethered shooting with gphoto2 works fine yet darktable says no camera with tethering support found.

Output of darktable -d camctl 2>1 >camctl.log:

darktable 4.7.0+481~g0ae3ba3600
Copyright (C) 2012-2024 Johannes Hanika and other contributors.

Compile options:
  Bit depth              -> 64 bit
  Debug                  -> DISABLED
  SSE2 optimizations     -> ENABLED
  OpenMP                 -> ENABLED
  OpenCL                 -> ENABLED
  Lua                    -> ENABLED  - API version 9.3.0
  Colord                 -> ENABLED
  gPhoto2                -> ENABLED
  GMIC                   -> ENABLED  - Compressed LUTs are supported
  GraphicsMagick         -> ENABLED
  ImageMagick            -> DISABLED
  libavif                -> ENABLED
  libheif                -> ENABLED
  libjxl                 -> ENABLED
  OpenJPEG               -> ENABLED
  OpenEXR                -> ENABLED
  WebP                   -> ENABLED

See https://www.darktable.org/resources/ for detailed documentation.
See https://github.com/darktable-org/darktable/issues/new/choose to report bugs.

     0.7743 [camera_control] creating new context 0x5aa3e7be25f0
     0.7842 [camera_control] loaded 2668 camera drivers.
     4.3256 [camera_control] loaded 40 port drivers.
     4.3706 [camera_control] 1 cameras connected
     4.3706 [camera_control] found new Canon EOS R5 on port usb:003,004
     8.0817 [camera_control] destroy darktable camcontrol

Make sure your desktop environment isn’t mounting your camera automatically.

how did you start tethering - heading over to the tethering view or via import module?

Via the tethering view

and the camera was unmounted before trying

then you need to need to connect your camera first (see darktable 4.6 user manual - overview)

After the USB cable is connected, go to the import module in the lighttable view. If your camera is available for use, a new section should appear in the import module containing the name of your camera and a “mount camera” button. Click this button to connect your camera and three additional buttons will appear: “copy & import from camera”, “tethered shoot” and “unmount camera”. Click “tethered shoot” to enter the tethering view. When you are finished, press the “unmount camera” button before physically disconnecting it.

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Thanks, must have missed that.