Darktable tutorial for beginners

In my photo club, many are intrigued by the results I get from Darktable. Many are beginners in photography, some experienced photographers have been using Lightroom or C1 for years.
I started a video tutorial as we cannot meet in person yet and I posted it on you tube (because I couldn’t find a better place…)
I have had quite a few views and I hope it doesn’t get out of hand.
Any help or comments are welcome, I would like to show a possible scene-referred workflow with a hands-on approach. Any technical/detailed stuff can be shown later.
I did the video French first because I live in france and an English version for some friends.
French : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y5wH7bl5lHQ&t=27s
English : GB darktable first steps ep01 - YouTube

I have another question : Do LR and C1 use only a screen-referred workflow or do they have a part that is “scene or pseudo-scene” (for better words) in a non linear workspace like Prophoto RGB ?

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Nice introduction to Darktable. I am sharing this with past photography students of mine. Well done. We need more of these made for the Darktable promotion.

Just incase you were not aware. There are quite a few nice sets of video’s out there.

Here is one just FYI.


Its great to have so many spins on the software

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Thanks for the list. My students would really appreciate these. I probably will also learn new tricks from some of them.

You might enjoy these as well https://www.youtube.com/user/MEL365com/videos

Thanks for the links. My main goal is to make them in French for my friends.
The English version is easy to make afterwards.
There are less tutorials in French … even counting Aurélien !

Interesting as the French website is much better than the English one at least it seemed like it when I visited sometime ago