darktable will not fit on my second display

After I upgraded to DT 3.2, it no longer resizes to fit my second monitor which I prefer to use because the colors are more accurate/vivid than my laptop screen. I have been using DT for a few years now, and never experienced this problem, but now, DT will not fit on that screen. Part of DT overlaps onto my laptop screen. This is very annoying. So far, the only fix I have found is to move DT over to the laptop and live with the washed out colors of my photos.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.



Oh, I should mention that I am running Ubuntu 20.04.1 LTS.


What is the resolution of the 2nd screen?

1280 x 1254 - sorry 1280 x 1024


The newest darktable has been designed with at leat a 1900x1080px screen in mind.

So, does that mean that there is no way for me to get DT to fit on my screen? Most other aps adjust to whatever screen I am using.


dt has a very comprehensive user interface so it does not make much sense to work on screens less than 1920x1080 pixels.

This problem never appeared until my last upgrade. I just don’t understand, but thanks for the reply.

The resolution on my laptop is only 1600 x 900 and DT fits that screen. Does that sound right?

The latest ui refresh made it more necessary to have an HD screen. Have you tried using full screen mode? Maybe that’ll help.

My second machine only has 1366x768 an is “workable” by hiding enough stuff. As mentioned, try maximizing/fullscreening the DT window to fit your second display.

BTW, HD=1280x720, it is Full HD that is 1920x1080 q:

How do I select full screen mode?

Hit the F11 key

My laptop screen is 1920x1080 and the import screens will not resize so I cannot see the Open and Cancel controls.

If you can get to preferences on the light table screen under light table set “high quality thumb processing from size” to VGA. Mine now fits on my 1280 X 1024 screen.

The only way to change size of import screen was to attach a bigger monitor then resize the import screen from the bigger monitor. The import screen should resize based on screen resolution or allow scrolling to get to the bottom bar.

FWIW, I have discovered that if I go into Ubuntu–>Settings–>Displays and change the Primary Display from #1 to #2 (my external monitor) DT will resize itself to fit my external monitor 1280 x 1024. With this Display setting, I can slide DT from the external monitor to the laptop monitor (1600 x 900) and it still resizes to fit that display as well. For now, I will be using this setting whenever I want to use DT. I prefer the external monitor because I feel it has more accurate colors than my laptop.