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Can we run Lua on windows? I look at the manual and follow the recommendations but it does not work.
Thank you


I did not try on windows, but there was at least nothing in the release notes that tells lua is not included. However, some of the lua scripts available call external programs that may not be available by default on windows. To help us helping you please tell what exactly you tried and what exactly did not work.

Be aware that you can get messages from the lua subsystem such as errors by calling darktably with darktable.exe -d lua on the command line (cmd.exe).


Have you checked the readme file here: https://github.com/darktable-org/lua-scripts/blob/master/README.md? That describes how to install lua scripts - even for Windows.

And be aware, @chris is right, many LUA scripts are dependent on external programs, you need to have those external programs installed in order to make LUA scripts work.


@chris @peterbud
Thanks a lot . .Lua works fine now


Another caveat: When there is any non-ASCII character in your username then the config dir of darktable will have it in its path. That in turn results in the luarc file having such a character in its path which makes Lua choke. I don’t believe that we are the first to use Lua on Windows – how do others deal with that? Patch Lua?


I don’t know how others coming with LUA on windows, we can add this to the know limitations.

(ph. weyland) #7

Which plugins have run for you (on Windows)?
I’ve got “Hello Word” work, but it seems that none of the others work, even in official folder.
If I put it before Hello_world, “Hello World” doesn’t appear but I don’t get any message on the console ( run with darktable -d lua ).
I’ve also notice some require statements in check_for_updates for example:

local https = require "ssl.https"
local cjson = require “cjson”

There are probably some additional installs to make it work …


Hello “Hello world” and “delete_unused_tags” works well but I have not looked any further

(ph. weyland) #9

Thanks Criss
on my side I’ve got these ones working on windows: copy_paste_metadata, import_filter_manager, import_filters, save_selection.
For some reason the other official ones don’t.

(Christian Kanzian) #10

Output is written to the log file https://www.darktable.org/about/faq/#faq-windows-logs.

(ph. weyland) #11

@pk5dark, Thank you. I can see the logs now.

Is https://redmine.darktable.org the right place to share the plugins issues ?

(Christian Kanzian) #12

I think you can post issues on redmine. Another possiblity is directly at github: https://github.com/darktable-org/lua-scripts/issues
People will read both.