darktable windows insider program 11/12

Here’s the link to the latest weekly build of darktable 4.5, darktable-4.5.0+1173~ge6ef3aa7e3-win64.exe - Google Drive. The list of latest changes is at Comparing 335422d92b…e6ef3aa7e3 darktable-org/darktable · GitHub


I presume this is a false positive response from my Avast virus detection?

I believe so. I’ll scan the machine to be sure. The machine is a VM and the only thing I do on it is build and test darktable and it’s only fired up when I’m either building or testing.

Did a full scan of the VM and nothing showed up.

I feel like something came up in my google news feed a few days ago talking about opensource vulnerabilities linked to various dependencies and libraries. I feel like the one noted here is one that might have been in a list of a dozen or more that were cited. I can’t seem to find that story again to confirm… I’m not saying anything is amiss here and there are many many false positives made by AV software but any of these sorts of reports are worth noting as it seems like hacking/ransomware is everywhere and really ramping up…

Hi Bill, I just reported on Github issue #15648 appearing on this weekend’s build. However it is similar to issue #15522 which is said to be closed 2 weeks ago. Is it possible that the correction was not yet included in this build ?
Regards and thank you for giving the Windows users the opportunity to test the upcoming version,

Yesterday’s build included everything including yesterday’s commits. so the fix for #15522 should be in there.

Try with a non-Fuji file …do you still see it… you can grab one from a playraw if needed… I will build again tonight but i think I was still seeing the issue after the noted “fix” but only with RAF files…

OK I can do that on Sony raw files (.ARW) because the embedded lens correction data.

Todd can you guide me to playraw. (I am not a frequent visitor or not familiar with github or pixls.) Sorry? Marc.

Its just a tag to posts that people have donated an image and let others edit or offer solutions for…

Here are several

I uploaded the file in question to virustotal and had it checked. Avast was the only vendor that flagged it, so it would seem to be a false positive.


I have reported this to Avast as a false positive based on this information. Thanks for looking at the issue.

Hello Todd. Thanks for guiding me into “Play Raw”. Tested my issue #15648 on a Sony ARW file. darktable is using the embedded metadata for lens correction because the lens used for the picture was passing its correction profile to the camera. And exactly the same problem as my issue #15648 happened.
Hence the issue is really associated with lens correction using embedded metadata while the central view scroll bars in the darkroom are enabled, as explained by “dterrahe” on Github.

Also thanks for testing the fix. Based on your test Pascal Obry has included it in the master. I will be in a position to test it myself after the upcoming nightly build for Windows.


PS It’s really great to see how fast response is when reporting an issue. This happens now a 2nd time for me that I report an issue. In both cases 24 to 48 hours later a solution is available.

I try to help here and there… I’m pretty clueless overall… the guys really do try to do their best when people make reasonable requests that don’t sound like demands :blush:

Bill thank you for providing these builds. I have currently installed the latest nightly build to test the solution that was being worked by “dterrahe” on Github. It works now. So after coming weekend I will install your build (11/19).

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