darktable windows insider program 11/13

Here’s the link to the latest weekly snapshot of darktable 4.1, https://drive.google.com/file/d/1lpko9Zod11Q1S8upcLRg397Kte9DTsz1/view?usp=share_link. The list of latest changes can be found at Comparing 70da6dcc8..0a5f6d199 · darktable-org/darktable · GitHub


Just tested this build and DT unable to start. I use custom config dir, custom cache dir and temp dir.

"C:\Program Files\darktable-test\bin\darktable.exe" -d all  --disable-opencl --configdir "C:\Users\...\DT-test-data" --cachedir "C:\Users\...\DT-test-data\cache" --tmpdir "C:\Users\...\DT-test-data\temp"

Here is the log:
darktable-log.txt (379.7 KB)

Do you have an older version installed as well?

Check your CAMLIBS and IOLIBS environment variables, they have to match the new installation…

Thank you, it works! I guess this information may need to be pinned somewhere :slight_smile:

Now time to play around with the new stuff… :slight_smile: